BUGGY Corn Flips appeared in 2006, when Matias came to meet the little ones, but also the big ones with a unique taste product, which they would love and wish for them all the time.

Our range of products includes, besides classics, corn flips with salt that anyone loves, varied types of glazes and flavors that satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

Over time, MATIAS has invested in a modern, high-tech line and, naturally, an organizational vision, is geared towards developing an automated factory with state-of-the-art technology.

The mission of the company is to produce an efficient and professional production and distribution system, quality puddles with a perfect taste at an affordable price, in accordance with legal requirements and regulated standards at national and European level.

Quality standards

MATIAS has developed over time, so by well-implemented strategies, today we have managed to loyalty on an important segment of consumers, the competitive advantage of our products being quality.

The quality of our products is certified by the highest European quality and food safety standards.



BUGGY Corn Flips reach consumers across the country through a well-built network of distributors and collaborators, but we have expanded to other countries in Europe such as Hungary, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Cyprus.